M.M. Waars, Princeton, NJ.

M. M. Waars is the pen name of

Marta Napiorkowska.


Born in Poland, Marta emigrated to the U.S. in 1981 at age five, settling with her family in New Jersey. Despite a fairly standard suburban childhood, her upbringing included many stories of human atrocities, injustice, gritty survival, faith in God, and a reality punctuated by divine interventions.  ​Starting her B.A. at Cornell, Marta left college to soul-search and eventually arrived in San Francisco, which left an indelible mark.  After completing her B.A. in Comparative Literature at UC Berkeley, Marta pursued her interests in representations of consciousness through her Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, writing a dissertation on the poetics of recovery from sublime experiences.  ​​Marta's magical realism reflects regular people's regular lives suddenly interrupted by small but mysterious events with wide-reaching, often enlightening repercussions. 


​Marta teaches in the English Department at The Lawrenceville School. She loves art, skiing, tennis, staring at the surf, and spending time with her family and teenage son Elias, also a writer.

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Marta  Napiorkowska